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GEEMAT, Britain's longest established manufacturer and distributor of judo mats, became part of the Fighting Films group in 1998.

In 1970 the GEEMAT was developed and is now accepted as the standard for local authorities in the UK.

Since its emergence, GEEMAT has been selected as the principle mat area for many prestigious tournaments, including:

  • The British Open Championships since 1984
  • The 1995 European Judo Championships
  • The 3 on 3 Karate Tournament since 1999
  • The 1999 European Ju-jitsu Championships
  • The 2001 USA Judo Championships
  • The 2002 Commonwealth Games.

For enquiries, please complete the form below and we'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Or, for further details on the GEEMAT, read on.

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The GEEMAT as endorsed by World Judo Champion and double Olympic Silver medallist, Neil Adams MBE, has been the UK's leading martial arts mat since 1970. The GEEMAT is made to the highest specifications using high-grade rice straw pattern vinyl that is especially impregnated to prevent cracking and remain flexible for many years. The mats have a micro-cellular anti-slip base completely sealed on the underside with hot melt and come with heat sealed corners as standard.

GEEMAT cross section

Today GEEMAT produces three types of mat that are tailored for different uses.

Our Neil Adams Original GEEMAT is a competition standard mat, with a foam density of 250 kg/m3. The Club Popular GEEMAT is less dense at 230 kg/m3 and so is slightly softer and more suitable for general club use where classes of different ability levels are common.

Club Popular & Original sizes:

  • 2 x 1 metre x 40mm
  • 1 x 1 metre x 40mm

Custom size mats can be made to order.

The Grame Randall Nage-komi mat


The Graeme Randall Nage-Komi Mat is designed to drop into the space left if a GEEMAT is lifted. With two sloping edges throwing practice is possible without obstruction by the edge of the mat and several can be laid side by side to create the perfect throwing environment. Endorsed by World Judo Champion Graeme Randall.

2m x 1m x 80mm. Density of 80 kg/m3.

Geemat Wall Cladding


GEEMAT Wall Cladding can be made to any size and density for all sports.

It's been used in boxing gyms, such as the Third Space Gymnasium in Soho, London, and police training centres across the country.

The cladding is produced in the standard vinyl colours but other colours can be provided at extra cost.

Total dojo Installation at the Third Space Gymnasium, Soho, London
  • Standard vinyl colours available (above).
  • Any other colours can be produced to order at additional cost.
  • Any type of logo can be applied to the mats.


For more details on GEEMAT and for ordering, contact Sharon da Costa at Fighting Films on:

Tel: 0117 9279281

For enquires in Ireland, please contact Alan Martin on:

Tel: + 35 386 270 3220
Fax: 00 351 835 4463

GEEMAT at the SENI Martial Arts Exhibition