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The Superstar 750 - NEW!!

The new Superstar 750 is the strongest lightweight judogi on the market and conforms to the 2015 IJF regulations.

The new IJF regulations come into force in April 2015 and all judoka competing in international competition will have to wear a judogi which conforms to the new rules. This is indicated by a red IJF approved badge.

These rules state that the judogi must be a lighter material and are easier to grip, so that more techniques and more Ippons are encouraged.

As of April 2015 all current IJF approved gis (containing the blue IJF approved badge) will become illegal in competition. This will include the Fighting Films Superstar Classic Gi.

The Superstar Classic will continue to sell and will be recognised as the ultimate training gi.

Judoka are encouraged to use the Superstar Classic for training and the Superstar 750 for competition. This will ensure you get best performance out of your Superstar 750 gi.

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